Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: "This Thing Called Love" by Miranda Liasson (A Mirror Lake Novel)


New York City self-help editor Olivia Marks faces her toughest assignment yet: parenthood. When her sister dies in a car accident, the career-oriented Olivia suddenly becomes the guardian to her four-week-old niece, Annabelle. She also becomes a challenge for Annabelle’s uncle, Brad Rushford, an old flame whose gorgeous green eyes bring Olivia’s fevered memories rushing back.

As the two circle each other in their small hometown of Mirror Lake, Olivia finds that Brad is as sexy and charming as ever—and now he’s the darling of the town as he expands his successful lakefront restaurant. Is his flirting designed to get serious, or to lower Olivia’s defenses to give up guardianship? When she finds out about the turreted, brick Victorian house Brad tours with a realtor and an attractive, no-strings-attached reporter—the same place where he and Olivia shared an unforgettable night years ago—Olivia wonders if he’s looking for a future with her, or planning to start a new life with someone else?

In the first heartwarming Mirror Lake story, steamy trysts and surprising twists lead two people to a future neither one expected.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review:
Miranda Liasson provided an interesting story of two extended family members struggling with the grief of losing a sibling, and the guardianship of their young daughter.  The fun twist in this story is that the aunt and uncle who are fighting over Annabelle used to be involved, so their romantic entanglements muddy the waters of guardianship over Annabelle, as well as their current relationship. As a matter of fact, these two families and a couple of close friends have very intertwined and intermingled families, which leads to some very interesting dynamics.  I could feel Olivia's struggles with determining the best way to balance the career she has worked so hard for, and her true commitment to her niece.  I really enjoyed watching Brad fall over himself time and again as he fought what he didn't realize he felt - his continued love for Olivia.  He still loves her and wants to use this opportunity to keep her in Mirror Lake, but she thinks he only wants her to stay because of Annabelle.  Typical miscommunications and presumptions among people who don't slow down long enough to listen to each other, and their own hearts, leads to decisions being made that made no one happy.  I really also enjoyed how Olivia's clients were the ones who helped her see how she COULD have it all. At the same time, Brad's family helped him understand what's REALLY involved with having a true, loving relationship. The book's climactic, dramatic ending was a fun way to ensure Brad and Olivia's happily ever after.
Disclosure: I bought this book FREE as part of the Kindle First Prime Preview offer.

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About the Author:
I won the Golden Heart in 2013 for a story that has become This Thing Called Love, which debuts from Montlake Romance this spring. It's about life and love and the hard choices we all sometimes have to make. It's heartwarming but lighthearted, too.

I also write lighthearted contemporary romance for Entangled Indulgence that will debut in 2015.

I write romance because I love stories about the experience of being human, and love is the universal experience we all share. I also love stories that have happy endings and make me laugh. I hope my stories make you laugh a little, too.

I live in Northeast Ohio with my three children and my office mates, Maggie, a yellow lab and Posey, a rescue cat with more attitude than my kids!


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