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Teaser: "Laguna Nights" by Kaira Rouda

Laguna Nights 
Laguna Nights #1
By: Kaira Rouda

Releasing Juuly 14th!
Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover designer: Okay Creations


Madison Alcott left her Laguna Beach childhood in the past as soon as she could, never imagining she’d be forced to return. Caring for her ill mother and holding down a high-pressure position at the best resort in town, Madison’s life is as good as it could ever be in Laguna Beach. And blissfully, nobody knows her as Holly anymore, the name she used on television. Everything changes when her high school boyfriend appears in the lobby. He was the reason she’d left Laguna in the first place when he humiliated her on national television.

Josh Welsh’s star has been dimming ever since he shot to fame as the high school heartthrob on the reality TV series Laguna Nights. Hoping to reignite his career, he agreed to host a travel show, with the first episode shooting in his old hometown of Laguna Beach. Of all the negative scenarios associated with filming in Laguna, Josh hadn’t calculated a run-in with Madison, or that the same deep connection he felt for her in high school would still be there.

Madison and Josh’s reality TV relationship exploded years ago but when the new series forces them together, they must face Laguna Nights past and present.


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About the Author:
Kaira Rouda is an Amazon #1 bestselling, multiple award-winning author of three women's fiction novels including Here, Home, Hope, All The Difference, and In the Mirror.

Tule Publishing Group's Southern Born imprint is publishing her new contemporary romance series set on INDIGO ISLAND: Weekend with the Tycoon, Book 1; Lines in the Sand, Book 2; The Trouble with Christmas, Book 3; and The Billionaire's Bid, Book 4. Three more books in the series will be out in 2015.

Her nonfiction title, Real You Incorporated: 8 Essentials for Women Entrepreneurs, continues to inspire women internationally.

She lives in Southern California with her husband and four almost-grown kids, and is at work on her next novel. Connect with her on Twitter, @KairaRouda, and on Facebook at Kaira Rouda Books. For more about Kaira and her books, please visit wwww.KairaRouda.com

Release Day Review: "Second Chance Summer" by Jill Shalvis

Cedar Ridge, Colorado, is famous for crisp mountain air, clear blue skies, and pine-scented breezes. And it's the last place Lily Danville wants to be. But she needs a job, and there's an opening at the hottest resort in her hometown. What has her concerned is the other hot property in Cedar Ridge: Aidan Kincaid-firefighter, rescue worker, and heartbreaker. She never could resist that devastating smile . . .

The Kincaid brothers are as rough and rugged as the Rocky Mountains they call home. Aidan has always done things his own way, by his own rules. And never has he regretted anything more than letting Lily walk out of his life ten years ago. If anyone has ever been in need of rescuing, she has. What she needs more than anything are long hikes, slow dances, and sizzling kisses. But that can only happen if he can get her to give Cedar Ridge-and this bad boy-a second chance . . .

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review:
A fan of everything Jill Shalvis had written, I was excited to read Second Chance Summer, and I wasn't disappointed. It's always interesting to read the first book in a new series and watch how the author develops the characters and the town, and tells you a story while setting the stage for future books, and Ms. Shalvis does it masterfully in this book. From the very beginning, the author paints a picture of Lily as a "hot mess" as she is returning to her hometown - a hometown she has been unable to visit since leaving amidst tragedy 10 years ago. While she knows she left with her own heart broken, she is unaware that she left a broken heart behind in Aidan, as well. Their reunion meeting, while inevitable, is hilarious and sets the stage for the nature of the relationship between Lily and Aidan. Aidan is a strong but sensitive alpha hero, and we see that from his first interaction with Lily. Lily is skittish about being back in Cedar Ridge, and feeling guilt over the loss of her sister and the dynamic of their relationship. She paints all of her experiences with her long-held feelings of guilt regarding her sister and father, and hopes to return to Cedar Ridge, keep her head down and stay "invisible" until something better comes along. Of course, we know that can't happen as it's inevitable for her and Aidan to meet when she is at her worst. Aidan's reaction to seeing Lily again is wonderful and I laughed as they first reconnect. But, what I find most insightful is what we learn about Aidan when we see him alone with his thoughts, or when we see him with his family.

Jill Shalvis has created a wonderful family unit for Aidan - loosely related through a deadbeat dad, but bonded through love regardless. Through their family dynamic, Aidan demonstrates an unfailing loyalty, commitment and trust that Lily just needs to realize can apply to her as well.  Lily's background makes her wary of love, and skeptical that anyone is able to truly love her - so Aidan takes the challenge. In addition to creating a wonderful love story between Aidan and Lily, we meet a delightfully-quirky salon manager (can't WAIT to read his story), a strong mother (with a minor love story of her own during this book) who has "adopted" all of the wayward children of her deadbeat husband, and annoying but lovable siblings who love each other fiercely and question and challenge each other regularly. I also love that one brother is married, and fun marriage hi-jinks are factored in to make for a delightfully-fun introduction to Cedar Ridge. I can't wait to go back!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis lives in a small town in the Sierras full of quirky characters. Any resemblance to the quirky characters in her books is, um, mostly coincidental. Look for Jill’s sexy contemporary and award-winning books wherever romances are sold and visit her blog for a complete book list and daily blog detailing her city-girl-living-in-the-mountains adventures.

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Review: "Ready to Burn" by Tracey Alvarez

Love small-town romance with an unforgettable cast of characters? The Due South series will transport you to an unspoilt, wild island of the coast of New Zealand. Meet Shaye and Del...

Take one sassy Harland girl…

Shaye Harland, sous chef de-awesome, desperately wants the role of Due South’s head chef. Though a little out of her depth, she can totally cope with the extra demands if she can resist her future brother-in-law when he muscles in on her kitchen. The Hollywood wannabe is nothing but a troublesome distraction and he fries her sexometer to a crisp. But as far as romance? Forget it. Love, when she finds Mr. Perfect, will be as sweet as her to-die-for cookies.

Add a bad-boy from LA…

Del Westlake swore he’d never again set foot on the island he calls the “ass end of New Zealand.” With his reputation as a sous chef in one of LA’s hottest restaurants trashed, and his estranged father’s restaurant needing a head chef, Del wants nothing more than to go in, get the job done, and get out. Except his feisty second-in-command carves herself a spot in his heart and completely incinerates his plans.

Watch the sparks fly as they burn it up in the kitchen… 

Winning a spot on a TV reality show is just what Del needs to jumpstart his career back in the States. Nothing can get in the way of him winning—not even the woman whose trust he’d destroy if she discovers his secrets. But with a film crew capturing the explosive kitchen chemistry between them, will his bad-boy ways rear up and ruin his shot at becoming Shaye’s Mr. Perfect?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:
What a wonderful visit back to Stewart Island and a chance to catch up with old friends, and make some new ones. We first meet Del as a brooding man who is clearly unhappy with the direction his life has taken, and is contemplative about his past, and his future. Throughout the book, we see many complexities to Del but at the root of it, we see a little boy who is yearning for acceptance from his father. Everything he has done in his life, from being a chef, to seeking love and acceptance but not commitment, can be tied back to his need for acceptance and love from his father. He feelings of isolation run deep and he is continually reminded of his feelings of rejection each time he sees his childhood friends as adult, in the places he longed to feel belonging in. He was a wonderfully-endearing character and despite his broodiness and often boorish behavior, you can't help but root for him to get the love and acceptance he needs in his life - from his father, and from a good woman.

Shaye feels the need to take care of everyone and everything. Her caring nature is often translated into her relationships, and her feelings of desire for Del become intermingled with her need to help him through his troubles with his father and his issues with previous relationships. A broken man and a nurturing woman - what could be more perfect! And you would think so, but of course, love is never that easy. Shaye's deep held feelings for her home on Stewart Island are constantly offended by Del's immense need to protect himself from continued hurt at home by expressing disdain for the island and everything about it. His need to leave and her need to stay create a conflict you aren't sure, as the reader, they will be able to overcome. We aren't just talking about leaving a small town for the big city here - we're talking about one of them needing to be halfway around the world!  The twists and turns the author produces with that conflict (and it's SO not what you would have expected) creates a situation where you the reader can't predict whether these two will get the happily-ever-after you know they both deserve.

The book is well written and I appreciated the balance of dialogue and narrative presented by the author. There are sex scenes but they do not overwhelm the story and are included in such a way that they contribute to and enhance the story. And, as an American, I love the taste of New Zealand that I get each time I read a book by this author, who even includes some fun pokes at Americans with her jabs at Del's adoption of American words and pronounciation of words over their New Zealand counterparts. Its a fun visit back to Stewart Island and I enjoyed catching up with old friends such as West and Piper and Kezia and Ben, and seeing what's been happening since we last saw them!


About the Author:
I live in the Coolest Little Capital in the World (a.k.a Wellington, New Zealand) where I’ve yet to be buried under my to-be-read book pile by our infamous wind—my Kindle’s a lifesaver! Married to a wonderfully supportive IT guy (who doesn’t mind cooking dinner while his wife mutters to herself and hammers away at the keyboard), we have two teens who would love to be surgically linked to their electronic devices.

As a teenager I devoured novel after novel in my maths class, which explains why I still don’t understand using the alphabet in equations. I discovered a stack of tattered paperbacks hidden in my mother’s wardrobe featuring scantily clad women wrapped around bare-chested hunks. Who needs a pimply-faced teenage boyfriend when you can have book boyfriends, right? So as a child I got my first taste of Happily Ever After in fairy-tales, but after reading romance—I was hooked.

Fuelled by copious amounts of coffee, I’m now the author of contemporary romantic fiction set predominantly in New Zealand. Small-towns, close communities, and families are a big part of the heart-warming stories I love to write. Oh, and hot, down-to-earth heroes—real Kiwi men, in other words.

When I’m not writing, thinking about writing, or procrastinating about writing, I can be found reading sexy books of all romance genres and nibbling on smuggled chocolate bars. What? You were expecting me to say free-dive training, hiking the world-famous Rakiura track on Stewart Island, and restoring classic cars? Nope, sorry. I’ll leave such excitement to my characters as they explore their worlds and find the love of their lives.

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Review: "Finding the Strength" by Stacy Eaton

The night Tayla Adams is attacked, third-degree black belt, Cam Giles steps in and stops the violent man. Little does Tayla know that when she takes a self-defense class, she will come face to face with her knight in shining armor, but can Tayla learn to defend herself and gain enough confidence to protect the two of them when she is unexpectedly betrayed?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:

Finding the Strength, a novella by Stacy Eaton, tells the story of a woman who lacks confidence in herself and through her experiences, and the love of a good man, finds her inner strength. The title is well suited to the story and defines the journey the heroine in this story takes from a meek woman, easily intimidated by not only real threats, but perceived challenges to herself, to a strong woman who is not only confident in her abilities, but her feelings for a good man. The author writes in first person point of view, alternating between the heroine, Tayla, and the hero, Cam. I always like being able to see how both parts of a relationship view and understand an interaction. Its nice to see the difference in how a man and a woman will perceive the same situation differently - and that is the root of the relationship between Tayla and Cam. The story is well written with a tight storyline that doesn't feel rushed or incomplete. When reading a novella, I often feel the story needs more depth but I didn't in this story. There is a long period of time (I think about 10 months) that was glossed over, and I did wish to see a little more detail about what was happening in that time, but that is not because it was important to the story, but because I wasn't ready for Tayla and Cam's story to end. This novella is well written and a nice, realistic depiction of a woman learning to find her inner strength through martial arts.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


About the Author:
Stacy has been a full-time police officer since 2000. Her current assignment is as Detective of her small town department.  She enjoys crime scene investigation; taking a passion in putting the pieces together to figure out the crime. She is also a business owner where she helps people get the awareness out for the causes they care most about. She is a mother of two, a son proudly serving in the United States Navy and a young daughter. Her husband is also in law enforcement. She is very much into photography and carries her Nikon Digital SLR with her almost everywhere, just in case.

Her first book, My Blood Runs Blue was the start of her writing career.  It brings the world of law enforcement into the paranormal world of vampires. It is a suspenseful adult series that will keep you guessing from chapter to chapter. Book one, My Blood Runs Blue, was published April 2011 and is currently available in paperback and e-book editions. Book two of the series, entitled Blue Blood For Life was released September 2011 and like book 1 made International Best Selling lists on Amazon very quickly.  The third and fourth books in the series are projected to be released in 2015.

Stacy’s third novel was released on July 13, 2012, Whether I’ll Live or Die. An intense and emotional story digging into the world of domestic violence. Whether I’ll Live or Die hit International Best Selling status just ten days after it’s release.

The fourth novel released by Stacy Eaton was in February of 2013. Garda ~ Welcome to the Realm. Stepping away from the drama of domestic violence and the dark world of the paranormal vampires, Stacy brought to life a new paranormal world, “The Realm”. Here Stacy brought Guardian Angels to life in a unique and positive way.

Her fifth novel, Liveon – No Evil,  is a contemporary romance that was released in November 2013 shortly before she released Second Shield, a more intense and spicy romantic suspense in late November 2013.

Distorted Loyalty was her seventh novel published, and it was released in June 2014 along with Six Day’s of Memories. Both of those are drama filled and romantic suspense.

Stacy had two more novels currently in editing process, You’re Not Alone and Barbara’s Plea. She is also finishing up the re-writes to the first two books of the My Blood Runs Blue Series and writing books 3 and 4 of the series to complete it.

If you are interested in a signed copy of her book?  Send us an e-mail at Stacy@Stacyeaton.com and we can tell you how to get one.

Website: http://www.stacyeaton.com

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Spotlight on "Breakaway" by Catherine Gayle


USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents the first novel in the Portland Storm hockey romance series.

She’s reaching for a breakaway pass.

Dana Campbell has spent the past seven years in self-imposed isolation for a crime she didn’t commit. The danger is well in the past, but her panic attacks make it impossible to have a normal, healthy relationship with a man. Even her counselor has given up on her. She has to find someone she trusts to help her fight through the panic, or her seven-year ordeal will become a lifetime sentence. There’s only one man she feels safe enough to ask.

He got caught with his head down.

As the captain of the NHL’s once elite but now fading Portland Storm, Eric Zellinger knows a thing or two about keeping his focus on the job. Questions are flying about his ability to lead the team back to the playoffs. If they don’t make it, he might be shipped out of town. It’s the worst time possible for his best friend’s kid sister to divide his focus. How can he give her what she needs without jeopardizing both the Storm’s playoff hopes and his future with the team?

It’s her only chance, but it’s his last shot.

My Review:

I reviewed Breakaway when I first read it in February. You can check out my review here: Breakaway Review

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About the Author:
Catherine Gayle is a USA Today bestselling author of Regency-set historical romance and contemporary hockey romance with a New Adult feel. She’s a transplanted Texan living in North Carolina with two extremely spoiled felines. In her spare time, she watches way too much hockey and reality TV, plans fun things to do for the Nephew Monster’s next visit, and performs experiments in the kitchen which are rarely toxic.

You can find out more on her website, her blog, at Red Door Reads, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Goodreads. If you want to see some of her cats’ antics and possibly the occasional video update from Catherine, visit her YouTube account.

Review: "Love on a Spring Morning" (Pine Harbour) by Zoe York

Duplicity. Desire. Denial. They were doomed from the start.

Ryan Howard has zero interest in the movie being filmed in Pine Harbour or the high maintenance stars staying in the cottages at the end of his lane. He's just barely holding on to the raw remains of his life and the fantasy world being concocted around him is, as far as he's concerned, a complete waste of time and energy. The one bright light in his life is an intern on the set, Holly Cresinski, and their quiet conversations at the end of the day on his back porch.

Holly hates her life, too, which is entirely unfair because she’s blessed beyond measure. She’s at the top of her career--as film actress, Hope Creswell--and surrounded by people that mean well. But Ryan makes her laugh, and cry, and before she can find the words to explain her deception, he kisses her.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:
I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book - I was excited to read it after enjoying the first two books in Pine Harbor. Enjoy doesn't begin to explain the emotions I feel upon finishing this book. Any reader who read Love in a Small Town or Love in a Snow Storm knows that Ryan lost his wife and is raising his kids alone; so you expect some level of grief as part of the story. I was blown away with the way in which the author depicts Ryan mourning the loss of his wife. I've read several stories recently depicting widowers but this was an unbelievably raw look at moving forward after the loss of a spouse. Ryan's commitment to his children is inspiring and he has upended his life to help them transition to life without their mother. Ryan can experience the entire spectrum of grief feelings in a single moment, yet his feelings of guilt run deep. His guilt transcends his wife's death, as his guilt goes back to guilt in how he dealt with her when she was alive, and feelings of inadequacy even prior to her death. Ryan may be grieving and gruff with just about anyone he interacts with, but I don't believe he's wallowing and he works every day to try and move forward and raise his kids. In typical "alpha male" form, he doesn't WANT to discuss his feelings but realizes how important it is to help he and his children move forward. 

Holly is a complex character and is not depicted as a typical Hollywood personality, although that's what those who know her on the surface believe, including Ryan. It's only natural that when she's given an opportunity to shed the Hollywood persona that she does, and it sets the stage for a great conflict between her and Ryan. I felt her fears about revealing her true - or surface - self to Ryan were real and Ryan's reactions when he finds out were real, and raw. The author really nailed the depiction of Ryan's anger and frustration and anxiety around Holly's real (or is it her fake) persona and when things get worse, I also felt the author's portrayal of Ryan's reaction was incredibly realistic. Ryan is quick to anger but almost a quick to forgive and apologize, which I felt was a realistic depiction of a man coming out of the fog of grief. I found myself crying right along with Holly and Ryan through much of this book - both happy tears and sad tears. That is the sign of a truely emotional book if the author can get the reader to feel emotions aloong with the characters and Ms. York does that in spades.

The sex scenes in this book are really quite descriptive, perhaps moreso than previous books in the Pine Harbor series, but I felt that they were critical to the development of the storyline and Ryan's emerging from grief and beginning to live again. As a whole, this book does an amazing job of depicting a man struggling to raise his children amidst the grief and guilt of losing his wife, and a woman who is trying to figure out who she is and where she really fits in her own life and together they each help the other come out of the other end of their journey.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


About the Author:
I’m a busy working mom of two young boys, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious romance reader. In early 2012, I got an idea for a novel. Then another, and another. My Google Drive account exploded with outlines and chunks of text and character bibles.

Over Christmas, I started a holiday novella. By the end of January, it was clear I was going to wander past novella length, and the story wasn’t limited to the holiday season. And it wasn’t just one book, anymore – it was also an introduction to a small town, Wardham.

Two years later, I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I published my tenth book earlier this fall, and have been blessed to be involved in the bestselling SEALs of Summer and SEALs of Winter boxed sets with some of my favourite author friends.

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Review: "Dare Me Again" by Cora Seton

What is a Kindle Worlds?

Simply put, it’s fan fiction inspired by some of the best books, movies and televisions shows out there!  Fans get the chance to write a story that spins off of the series and submit it to Amazon. Amazon then publishes it and BAM! Fans can download it and find out more about a certain world. Sometimes one of those small characters you might have seen in one of the series stories will come to life in their own story, or new characters are born that are friends of main characters. There are all kinds of ways for these worlds to grow.


Carolina Richmond makes a career out of being fearless, stepping into male-dominated locker rooms and head offices with equal ease to get the scoop for her ground breaking blog, Going Long. Now it’s time for a new adventure: parenthood. But the only thing that terrifies Carolina is committing to a man. That’s why she’s decided to seduce Connor Wright, a smoking hot football player who’s made no secret of his desire for her. She’ll accompany him to hotelier Robert Dare’s annual birthday bash just long enough to sweep him off his feet, then take him home for a night of passion. When daylight dawns, their relationship will end and she’ll be alone once more—and pregnant, if all goes well.

Fullback Connor Wright has wanted Carolina from the very first time she elbowed a path through a post-game locker room crowd to interview him, and he’s determined to finally get past the walls she’s put up ever since. He’s ready to retire from football and settle down to start a family, and with Robert Dare’s birthday extravaganza coming up, he’ll get one more evening with the woman of his dreams. Can his sexy scheme convince independent Carolina to team up with him for good?

Dare Me Again is a novella written by Cora Seton that takes place in Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Kindle World.  Amazon developed the Kindle Worlds program as a way for fan-favorite authors to write a story in a book series “world” that isn’t their own. If you haven’t read any of the books in Carly’s “Dare to Love” series, don’t worry! DARE ME AGAIN is a stand-alone novella; you can enjoy the story even if you’ve never heard of Carly’s series. But, if you are a fan of the “Dare to Love” series, DARE ME AGAIN will give you more time in that world. Most importantly, DARE ME AGAIN is a sexy, heartwarming story about characters you’ll love!

Please be aware that since Amazon developed the Kindle Worlds program, all Kindle World books are only available for sale on the Amazon.com store. Don’t own a Kindle? No problem – you can use Amazon’s free app for PCs, tablets or phones to read the book.
My Review:

Dare Me Again is a novella created in the Kindle World of Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. The connection to the world of the Dares comes in both Connor and Carolina's relationship with Aidan Dare and their attendance at a party hosted by Robert Dare. Dare Me Again is a steamy romance between a couple who have been circling each other for going on 5 years. Carolina is a strong "alpha" woman who has set her mind on a career on her terms, and decides to have a family in the same way. Connor is alpha in his own way, but his yearning leans towards family, hearth and home on a ranch. The author does a wonderful job of creating drama that threatens to push Connor and Carolina apart, and creates a fun sequence by which they both eventually get what they want. The story is a quick read - I believe I read it in just over an hour - but it's a complete story with a bit of drama, a lot of loving words whispered between Connor and Carolina, and a whole lot of steamy scenes perfect for both alpha characters.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Amazon

About Carly Phillips (author of Dare to Love series):
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips has written over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels that today's readers identify with and enjoy. After a successful 15 year career with various New York publishing houses, Carly is making the leap to Indie author, with the goal of giving her readers more books at a faster pace at a better price. Her Serendipity books will still finish up in January/February 2014 via Berkley as planned. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She's a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she's a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers. You can find all information about Carly at her website and other social media sites ...
Website: www.carlyphillips.com

About Cora Seton:
Cora Seton loves cowboys, country life, gardening, bike-riding, and lazing around with a good book. Mother of four, wife to a computer programmer/eco-farmer, she ditched her California lifestyle eight years ago and moved to a remote logging town in northwestern British Columbia. Like the characters in her novels, Cora enjoys old-fashioned pursuits and modern technology, spending mornings transforming a one-acre lot into a paradise of orchards, berry bushes and market gardens, and afternoons writing the latest Chance Creek romance novel on her iPad mini.

Website: Visit www.coraseton.com to read about new releases, locate your favorite characters on the Chance Creek map, and learn about contests and other cool events!

Reviews: "Dangerous Encounters" Box Set

Get your heartbeat racing with 13 romantic-suspense novels from USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors. Nerve-wracking thrills and dangers, heart-melting romance and love--enjoy them all in this outstanding collection of DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS....

See details of complete box set and descriptions of specific novels below. I have included reviews of 4 books included in the box set below.

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of this box set in exchange for an honest review

Goodreads • Amazon Kobo

My Reviews:

Six Days of Memories by Stacy Eaton
Rating: ★★★★1/2

I really enjoyed Six Days of Memories by Stacy Eaton. The book is written in first person point of view, from both Tasha and Jay / Jamie's point of view. As the point of view changes, there are times when the author "back tracks" so the reader can hear how the other character experiences and feels about the previous scene. It's an adjustment from when I usually read a book from multiple points-of-view, but I appreciated being able to hear what the other one was thinking in a scene.

Six Days of Memories is an emotional read. I found myself WANTING Jay to be a good guy and feeling the angst that he and Tasha are feeling as they struggle to fight their feelings for each other that they knew they couldn't act on at the time. I think this book also shows that you're innate feelings about someone's true personality are usually the right ones. It's difficult to talk about much of what I liked about this book without giving away spoilers, but I had to share this quote near the end that gives such an emotional look at Tasha and Jay / Jamie's relationship.

"Abbey had me walking out of the office, my face tense and filled with pain.  I stepped out of view and Abbey caught Tasha staring after me, her hand open and lifted as if it were going to reach for something. She slowly closed her hand and lowered it to her side before she sank down into her chair and put her face into her palms.
I watched the video twice.
"What are you going to do with this?" My voice was husky.
"I'm going to save it," she said, and took the phone back from my outstretched hand.
I turned to her. "Why?"
"Because I want to remember what being in love looks like"

Six Days of Memories is an poignant look into the lives of two people who find their "soul mate" in the most unlikely, and inconvenient of places. The reader is left hanging until the very end to see if Tasha and Jamie are able to overcome their obstacles and find their happily ever after. I won't spoil it - you have to read the book to find out.

Author's Website: www.stacyeaton.com

Broken Lies by Sharon Coady
Rating: ★★★

While I enjoyed the story of Niall and Abby, I struggled a lot to get engaged with the story. I felt like I was an outsider looking in, and I felt like that the author was merely skimming over the story instead of digging into the depths of the story. It took me until the very end of the book to realize why I felt that way - the author provides little insights into the thoughts and feelings of the characters. There are times when we are privy to the thoughts and emotions of the characters, but compared with other books where I can read 1-2 complete pages about a single thought process of a character, in this book I found myself reading page after page of just dialogue with little else in between. There were descriptions of the scenes in which the characters were interacting but rarely did I feel like that I could feel what the characters were feeling or experience what the characters were experiencing, and that made me feel that the author merely skimmed the surface of the story. The storyline was interesting but I definitely feel could have been improved had the author incorporated more dialogue into the story to demonstrate the characters actions and feelings, rather than simply telling the readers what the characters are feeling and doing.

Author's Website: https://www.facebook.com/sharon.coady.14

Don't Know Jack by Amy Manemann
Rating: ★★★

The dialog and prose in this book was well written. It flowed well and the sentences were compelling.  The story started out promising but unfortunately went downhill quickly for me.  Too many times did I have to stretch and eventually suspend my grasp of reality in order to follow this storyline.  Too many things ended up just too farfetched and unrealistic to make the story feel plausible to me, making it difficult for me to truly enjoy the book.  I found myself reading just to get to the end rather than enjoying the book I was reading.

"Since being with him, Kate felt like an entirely new person had taken over her persona, turning her into a woman who was more poised and confident than the girl she used to be. She didn't worry incessantly over things she couldn't change, and she had to admit her future had never looked brighter".

Kate and Jack had known each other for 2 days at that point, so having such an epiphany and such a complete change in personality is unrealistic in my mind.

It was fun at the beginning to watch how the two characters took just enough of individual conversations or facts that they had, combined with assumptions they had made that were completely off track from reality, to jump to the wrong conclusion about the other.  It was fun to watch that aspect of the story play out.

There were also abrupt changes in point of view between characters in this book. It was apparent that the author wanted the reader to garner the emotions of the other character in the scene as it was happening, but the POV changes were often with warning or a scene break, just going along in one point of view and BOOM, new paragraph from the other point of view for a few sentences, and then back to the original POV.  It makes it confusing for the reader to know who is speaking at times when this change was abrupt.

Author's website: http://amymanemann.blogspot.com/

Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau
Rating: ★★★1/2

I really enjoyed reading Murderous Lies by Chantel Rhondeau. This is my first book by this author. I wasn't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The author creates a compelling introduction to the story, capturing the reader's interest from the first page and keeping them interested until the final shots are fired! The author crafts captivating suspense throughout the story and keeps the reader guessing until the villain is ultimately revealed - its not who you expect!

I love Max's confidence in his feelings for Rose, but his vulnerability after being release from prison was endearing. Rose's struggles with her feelings towards Max war with her feelings about her sister's murder. When Max insists on clearing his name once and for all, he and Rose reach an impasse you aren't sure they can overcome.

There were a times that the story got a bit kitschy and cliche, which is why my rating was a bit lower than it otherwise would have been. All in all it is an enjoyable read and a good addition to the Dangerous Encounters box set.

Author's Website: http://www.chantelrhondeau.com/

Detailed Synopsis:

Fallen Idol – USA Today Bestselling author Nikki Lynn Barrett
Sparks ignite between a single father and a singer making her musical comeback, but danger lurks in the distance, only getting closer as time goes on. For two people who want different things out of life, it's possible to find healing together...

Cross Examination - Denise Moncrief
Tamara Slay moves to Louisiana to start a new life with her daughter, but her dreams of a peaceful existence are shattered when Lt. Martin Beck suspects her ex-husband is a serial killer.

Carnival Tricks - Jade Kerrion
A dying scientist propels a waitress into the shady world of corporate espionage. The unwilling carrier of the recipe for a lethal chemical weapon, can Sofia save the world when she can't even save herself?

Height of Danger - Nancy & Nolan Radke
How do you keep a woman safe who distrusts you, and won't stay where you hide her? CIA operative Owen Putman has to protect his employer's daughter while trying to find out who is killing construction workers at a Central American dam site.

Six Days of Memories - Stacy Eaton
Detective Natasha Foster comes across the crime scene of her career, and she will put everything on the line to find out the truth, including her heart. Jay's need to know if he’s the victim or criminal pushes him to remember who he is and with the pull of a trigger, Jay’s memory will suddenly return and with it, the terrible truth.

Broken Lies - Sharon Coady
Bodyguard Niall Kerrigan lets his guard down and falls for Abby Bailey, a beautiful woman with a secret past. When Abby goes missing Niall must face his ruthless father to fight for the woman he loves and choose between a life with her or keeping her safe without him.

Don't Know Jack - Amy Manemann
Undercover FBI agent Jack Hamlin meets his match in small town bakery owner, Kate Monroe, when they're swept into a dangerous game of lies, intrigue and desire.

Cypher - Cathy Perkins
When ahit man kills the wrong person, a SC detective confronts hidden agendas and conflicting motives in a powerful local family, while trying to control hisattraction to the intended victim—a woman who's hell-bent on saving theremnants of her family.

Murderous Lies – Bestselling Author Chantel Rhondeau
Max is exonerated for murder after eight years, returning to his home town and the fiancée he left there. Rose isn't so happy to see him...and then the murders start again.

Tidal Falls - Jacquie Biggar
When Nick fails to notice an IED and loses most of his teammates, he shuts down. It takes meeting and falling in love with a woman in danger to make him realize life’s worth living.

Suspended Animation - Sylvie Grayson
Suspense, spicy romance and attempted murder erupt when hockey player Brett hires Katy to run the office of his ailing father's near-bankrupt trucking company. Can he protect her from her lethal friends and the chaos surrounding them?

Knowing Vera – Award-Winning, Bestselling Author Rachelle Ayala
Suspenseful romance, an unsolved murder, and love on the beach. A young woman seeks to prove her father innocent of murdering her boyfriend's mother.

Special Agent Francesca – USA Today Bestselling Author Mimi Barbour
Violence, suspense and sizzling romance explode during Special Agent Francesca’s humorous journey fighting off the mob! Dr. Sean Collins wants to tame her! Yeah-like that’s gonna happen. Only one thing keeps Francesca motivated. Proving to her mother, the FBI “Snow Queen,” that working undercover is where she belongs.

Monday, June 22, 2015

"Love in a Snow Storm" (Pine Harbour) by Zoe York

Never fall in love with your best friend's little sister...

Contractor and army reservist Jake Foster fell in love with Dani Minelli when she was a colt-legged high school senior. He knew he was too old to even look at her, let alone touch.

Dani’s been trying to get his attention since returning to Pine Harbour a grown woman—and failing miserably at every turn.

This winter, everything is going to change. And when the snow stops falling, Jake and Dani won't be able to hide from their attraction any longer.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My review:

I loved the second book in the Pine Harbour series, Love in a Snow Storm. The heroine and hero, Dani and Jake have, ironically, what I consider a mature love. Ironic because what has held them back all these years was Dani's young age. You see them fighting what they feel for each other at the beginning of the book, which reflects what they have both been going through for years, fighting their feelings for each other. While they are struggling with what they feel for the other, neither knows the other also has feelings.

I think I was most struck by how they handled their first major fight. Jake leaves his house after thehy fight - albeit not without a comment about how he couldn't stay where he could smell her. He barely gets down the street before he realizes that's not the right way to handle the fight, and heads back home. Dani knows she can't just storm out after they fight, so she hunkers down until Jake returns to discuss what their issues are. So, each of them maturely realizes that for this to work, they have to stay and fight for it, even if it means fighting for each other. That's much more mature than I often see in couples who are older and have been together longer.

I even liked how the author handles even the potential wrinkle in Dani and Jake's relationship, which I won't disclose here. Dani and Jake keep the lines of communication open, appear to discuss what they are feeling openly, and keep no secrets between themselves or others (except of course, the fact that they are dating and in love).

In the Pine Harbour series, the author really creates a town where I feel like I know the residents. I would love to date a Foster or a Minelli man. She has created a group of strong, alpha men who live and love fully and show amazing sensitivity to the women in their lives, even when they are being a bit boorish.

And I love how the author gives us a teaser about the next great relationship in Pine Harbor at the very end of the book - makes me want to head back to Pine Harbor as soon as possible!

About the Author:
I’m a busy working mom of two young boys, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious romance reader. In early 2012, I got an idea for a novel. Then another, and another. My Google Drive account exploded with outlines and chunks of text and character bibles.

Over Christmas, I started a holiday novella. By the end of January, it was clear I was going to wander past novella length, and the story wasn’t limited to the holiday season. And it wasn’t just one book, anymore – it was also an introduction to a small town, Wardham.

Two years later, I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I published my tenth book earlier this fall, and have been blessed to be involved in the bestselling SEALs of Summer and SEALs of Winter boxed sets with some of my favourite author friends.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"Love in a Small Town" (The Soldier's Second Chance) (Pine Harbour Book 1) by Zoe York


Six years. Two break ups. One divorce. They should be over each other.

Police officer and army reservist Rafe Minelli knows better than to tell his wife no, particularly since they aren't married anymore. She can’t hightail it out of town, though, not when they’ve finally broken through the post-divorce cold war status quo.

Olivia Minelli needs to leave Pine Harbour. It’s just too hard to see Rafe moving on without her—even if he says he doesn’t want to. But when a new and exciting job falls into her lap, she needs to choose: protect her heart, or take the new job and risk getting emotionally entangled with her ex-husband. Again.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:
This book ensnared me in from the very first chapter and kept me enraptured to the very last page. I really enjoyed that this book shows a unique look at a love story - two people who are already in love, have struggled through a marriage and divorce, and both don't want to admit that they still love each other but are unable to find a way to be together. They fight their feelings for each other throughout the entire book. Their marriage is truly one that can be described as "love isn't always enough" and it takes both of them a while to figure out what else they have to do to make their love work.

There are times the author flashes back to previous times in Rafe and Olivia's marriage and it helps the reader to gain insight into what has driven them apart. I loved Rafe in this book. He isn't hesitant to show - and tell - Olivia how he feels about her; he just struggles with the way to do so in a way that makes for a successful marriage. As they are rekindling their relationship, I like how each of them really seems to be trying to figure out what didn't work about their last marriage and try to change that for the better. I think Rafe comes to his realization quicker and I love how he starts courting Olivia again. It takes Olivia longer to figure out that what she needs out of her marriage she can only get from herself and not from Rafe.

This is truly a love story - because it shows that love and marriage is hard, and it shows two people who BOTH work to create a successful marriage. They rebuild their relationship on the love they both still have, and each make changes and efforts that addresses what they believe their shortcomings were in their previous marriage ,and it results in a stronger second relationship between the two of them. It is a feel-good story with a happy ending I was cheering for from the first page.


About the Author:
I’m a busy working mom of two young boys, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a voracious romance reader. In early 2012, I got an idea for a novel. Then another, and another. My Google Drive account exploded with outlines and chunks of text and character bibles.

Over Christmas, I started a holiday novella. By the end of January, it was clear I was going to wander past novella length, and the story wasn’t limited to the holiday season. And it wasn’t just one book, anymore – it was also an introduction to a small town, Wardham.

Two years later, I can’t believe how much my life has changed. I published my tenth book earlier this fall, and have been blessed to be involved in the bestselling SEALs of Summer and SEALs of Winter boxed sets with some of my favourite author friends.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review: "Fortune on Moon Lake" by Amy Gamet


Melanie Addario’s been in emotional limbo since her boyfriend disappeared two years ago. Now a secret admirer is coaxing her well-protected heart out of hiding, making her question if she should wait for a man who may never come back, or if it’s finally time to open herself to new possibilities. 

Just as she’s beginning to make progress, a random run-in with a self-proclaimed fortune-teller throws Melanie for a loop when the other woman suggests her admirer is none other than her long-lost boyfriend, Army Lieutenant Greg Mora. Will the man she once loved really come back into her life, or is the fortune-teller way off base? 

Rafael Delacruz never meant to become a secret admirer. When he left the first gift on Melanie’s doorstep, he had every intention of finally asking out the blonde bombshell who’d attracted his attention years before. But the very next day, she was on his own doorstep at the winery—asking for a job—and there was no way he was going to send her away. Now he’s Melanie’s boss, an arrangement that has him firmly pressed between his desires and responsibility. 

When the owner of Crescent Moon puts the vineyard on the market for a small fortune, Moon Lake outsider Rafael is forced to find the backing of an investor to buy the business he’s come to love. But someone is trying to sabotage operations at the vineyard, and worse yet, they’re framing Rafael for the damage—putting his plans for Crescent Moon and his hopes for a relationship with Melanie in jeopardy. 

As Rafael works to solve the mystery of the vineyard saboteur, loyalties will be tested as shadows from the past rise up to be counted, forcing both Melanie and Rafael to choose between that which is given freely and that which can only be hoped for. Will they be able to separate friends from enemies before it’s too late, or will they lose the vineyard—and each other—forever? 

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:

Fortune on Moon Lake is a sweet story of two broken people who struggle with self-confidence, each in their own way. Melanie struggles with guilt and obligation - guilt over her broken relationship with her long-time boyfriend, and feeling an obligation towards him, and towards her mother. She feels the need to take care of everyone in her life and even projects that on to Rafael as she starts to get to know him. Rafael is driven by an imagined shame - the sins of the father inflicted on the son. He's also been nursing unrequited feelings for Melanie for a long time, waiting patiently as he watches her mourn the loss of her long-time boyfriend, Greg.

I enjoyed the bit of suspense and intrigue woven into this story as we don't quite understand what's going on with a couple of employees at the vineyard and the suspicion that Melanie's ex may have returned to town. Both of these situations create stress for an already tenuous relationship that Melanie and Rafael are attempting to forge and it creates an urgency with the reader to solve the riddle right along with the characters.

Fortune on Moon Lake feels like a bit of an old-fashioned love story, with some suspense and strife thrown in. The heat level is low, so while intimacy is included, it is brushed over and there are no graphic descriptions or anything to make it uncomfortable for a reader who doesn't wish to read the details. I was ultimately pleased with the way the author resolves Melanie's lingering feelings for her ex-boyfriend and Rafael's struggles with feelings of inferiority which only really exist in his own mind. As each of them finds their strength, they also find out whether they will give themselves the opportunity to be happy together.

Disclosure: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review


About the Author:
I have three kids, a husband, a slightly stinky and poorly trained dog, and an ancient calico cat who doesn’t like people.

My house is in a perpetual state of disarray despite my constant attempts to clean it. Old women at grocery stores tell me how lucky I am, that it all goes so fast, and I nod my head and say something pithy like, “It sure does!” while trying to keep the baby from changing the language on the card reader screen or voiding my entire transaction.

I’m that woman.

People ask when I find time to write, and I point to my husband, the sweet frazzled sight of him as he hoses down a screaming child with one hand and unloads the dishwasher with the other. That, my friends, is romance. Well, it’s what the best romances turn into if you’re lucky.

As you read this, I’m probably putting someone into time-out, cleaning something, or explaining to my progeny why I put him/her into time-out or why I shouldn’t have to clean whatever it was I just cleaned. Or maybe, if your timing is just perfectly right, I’m sitting on the purple reclining loveseat in a basement full of toys, writing my next big novel while my husband takes care of the chaos for a while.

For him, and for the kids and the stinky, cranky pets, and for the opportunity to tell you a story, I am grateful. I hope you enjoy my work.

Review: "Treasure on Moon Lake" by Amy Gamet

Jewelry designer Tori Henderson’s first year in business was far more expensive than she could have imagined. Faced with closing the doors of Tori’s Treasures, she sinks her last dollar into one final promotion—a widely publicized treasure hunt for a chest of fine, handmade jewelry that could drum up enough business to get her back in the black... or kill her shop once and for all. 

The last thing she needs is her mother's announcement that she's preparing to marry Edward Trainor, the father of Tori’s long ago summer crush, Gabe - a man who regularly makes his way into Tori's dreams some ten years later. 

Corporate tycoon Jed Trainor has no intention of attending his estranged father’s wedding, and he certainly doesn’t need to see his half-brother Gabe after the other man put the moves on Jed's one-time fiancée. But with business problems looming, Jed needs time to think, and the small town of Moon Lake seems like the perfect place to hide away while he figures out how to save his empire. 
The last thing he needs is the distraction of a beautiful woman who thinks she’s in love with his idiot half-brother. 

Tori is determined to win Gabe’s heart, but Jed has other plans. When they learn Gabe is bringing a date to the wedding, Jed offers to bring Tori himself, knowing any woman on his arm is sure to be on Gabe’s radar. But his ploy for her attention just may blow up in his face. Can Jed prove to Tori he’s the Trainor brother she really belongs with?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:

Treasure on Moon Lake is a fun story of two men, two women, fractured family relationships, an impending wedding, a failing business, a business being lost - what else could be thrown into the mix as Tori meets Jed. This story certainly is a whirlwind from start to finish. Tori struggles throughout much of the story because she insists on holding on to a youthful crush on Gabe, while fighting her developing feelings for his boorish older brother, Jed. Add in Jed's ex-fiance and Gabe's secret crush Evelyn and it makes for some fun mix-ups and make-ups on Moon Lake.

I wasn't sure what to make of Gabe at the beginning, but by the end, I liked him. I liked how he is portrayed as the womanizer at the beginning of the story, when in reality, he was suffering from unrequited feelings of his own. His vulnerability was quite endearing as he explains his feelings to Jed and asks for his blessing. He is a different man at that point that I expected and he redeems himself to me at the end of the book.

Jed is a tough nut to crack. He puts up a tough exterior because he feels betrayed over and over and his gruff exterior and demanding nature is really a mask to protect him from what he sees as constant situations that leave him feeling hurt and betrayed. He acts boorish and possessive of Tori but I saw through his behavior to the hurt boy underneath who just wants to be honestly loved. I enjoyed watching his transformation near the end of the book - a testament to the power of love.


About the Author:
I have three kids, a husband, a slightly stinky and poorly trained dog, and an ancient calico cat who doesn’t like people.

My house is in a perpetual state of disarray despite my constant attempts to clean it. Old women at grocery stores tell me how lucky I am, that it all goes so fast, and I nod my head and say something pithy like, “It sure does!” while trying to keep the baby from changing the language on the card reader screen or voiding my entire transaction.

I’m that woman.

People ask when I find time to write, and I point to my husband, the sweet frazzled sight of him as he hoses down a screaming child with one hand and unloads the dishwasher with the other. That, my friends, is romance. Well, it’s what the best romances turn into if you’re lucky.

As you read this, I’m probably putting someone into time-out, cleaning something, or explaining to my progeny why I put him/her into time-out or why I shouldn’t have to clean whatever it was I just cleaned. Or maybe, if your timing is just perfectly right, I’m sitting on the purple reclining loveseat in a basement full of toys, writing my next big novel while my husband takes care of the chaos for a while.

For him, and for the kids and the stinky, cranky pets, and for the opportunity to tell you a story, I am grateful. I hope you enjoy my work.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Release Day Review: "Dragonfly Summer" by Inglath Cooper

When she realizes she's to blame for her nineteen-year-old daughter's disappearance, Keegan Monroe leaves behind a successful career in L.A. for a quieter life on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. Raised in the foster care system, Keegan had been determined that her children would live a different life. And so, while she fully met their physical needs, the best schools and a luxurious lifestyle, she hadn't been a daily presence in their lives the way she now knows she should have been. She doesn't intend to waste her son's last year of high school in the same way and determines that things will be different between them in spite of his obvious resentment of the move to Virginia.

Bowie Dare, an ex-FBI agent turned thriller writer, loves the life he’s made for himself and his dog Carson on Smith Mountain Lake. Years of seeing the evil underbelly of society led him to a point where he had to choose a different existence. He'd lost his wife in the process — she liked the old Bowie — the one who had been able to compartmentalize the bad stuff he saw and go on with life per normal.

When Keegan stops at Bowie's house to ask directions the night she arrives at the lake, they're both at a point of questioning their earlier choices and whether those choices had been worth the price. But in this chance encounter, they begin to realize that the puzzle pieces of life don't always make sense until we're a little further down the road. And you just never know when the real thing might come along.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:

Dragonfly Summer is so many things. It is hope. It is love. It is second chances, and starting over, and it is coming home. I was so excited when I saw that Dragonfly Summer, book 2 in the Smith Mountain Lake series, was coming out and author Inglath Cooper doesn't disappoint. I loved the sights and sounds of Smith Mountain Lake woven into Dragonfly Summer. I wouldn't say that Dragonfly Summer is a love story - its a LIFE story with everything that makes life a wonderful, messy, complicated, wonderful experience.

I really identified with Keegan. She is at the same point in her life that I am - children growing up and maturing and she is at a turning point in her life. I envy the courage she demonstrates to uproot her family to give them a better life. She is a former Hollywood actress, and from time to time, she is recognized for that, but she is incredibly down to earth. She is introspective and uses this new start to analyze her relationships with her children and what she can to create better relationships and resultingly better futures for her kids.

Bodie is also an introspective character. He is a loner that has also left his fast-paced life for the peace and solitude of Smith Mountain Lake. His career as an FBI agent has left him with haunted memories and he is tucking those memories away in the books he is now writing.

The author includes dramatic aspects of Bodie and Keegan's lives in the book, but this makes this book a realistic look at life - life is messy, and wonderful, and scary, and wonderful and Keegan and Bodie both experience the highs and lows of life in Dragonfly Summer and come out the other end happy with each other.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Amazon Barnes and NobleKobo iBooks

About the Author:
When asked to tell something about myself, I never know where to start! We’re all made up of so many different interests, beliefs and motivations. I love books, dogs, kind people, spending lots of time outdoors, juicing, making huge salads and fundraising for my local Humane Society.

You might like one of my books if:

  • you like a good love story that makes you laugh and makes you cry.
  • you like the main characters in your reading to be someone you wouldn’t mind being and someone you wouldn’t mind marrying.
  • you like animals in your stories: dogs, cats, horses, cows.
  • you like books for kindle, iPad and other ereaders.
  • you like books by Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, Kristin Hannah or Barbara Samuel.
  • you like to keep the rating at PG-13

I fell in love with reading as a little girl, devouring most of the books in my elementary school library. At some point, I decided I wanted to pursue a writing career, creating romance fiction that might provide the hours of entertainment and escape my favorite books have provided for me. I love character-driven books that leave me feeling as if I’ve really known these people and make me wish I didn’t have to turn the last page.

Romance fiction has always appealed to me because it deals with so many of the relationships in a woman’s life. Not only the love of her life, but often her relationship with her mother, sister or best friend. Romance authors have so much room to explore many of the meaningful moments and transitions in women’s lives. And who doesn’t love a good love story?

I most often write stories about love and life that are set in small Virginia towns like the one where I grew up. I like to think the flavor of my hometown shows up in my books both in their setting and through the characters who people it.

I was fortunate to have been chosen as a RITA® Award winner for best long contemporary romance novel given out by Romance Writers of America. My books are available through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, itunes.com, and Kobobooks.com.

Outside of writing, I’m actively involved in dog rescue, working with The Franklin County Humane Society to place dogs and cats in need of rehoming. Helping an abused or neglected dog go on to have a wonderful life with a family who loves them is more rewarding than I can possibly say!

I wish you many hours of happy reading! If you haven’t already done so, please join my mailing list and you’ll receive a FREE copy of my book Good Guys Love Dogs!

Website: http://www.inglathcooper.com/