Monday, November 10, 2014

"I Saw Her Standing There" by Marie Force

There’s a budding romance on Butler Mountain, but in the hornets’ nest known as the Abbott family, keeping a secret is no easy feat…

Colton Abbott and Lucy Mulvaney have a secret. Colton’s nosy siblings have begun to put the pieces together, but it’s not like Lucy to keep things from those closest to her—especially her best friend, Cameron, who recently moved to Vermont to live with her true love, Will. But Lucy isn’t about to tell Cam she’s having a fling…with Will’s brother.

Flitting between New York and Vermont is exhausting, so Lucy is looking forward to a long weekend with Colton at the Abbott family lake house in Burlington. Too bad Will and Cameron have the same idea, and once Colton and Lucy are caught red-handed (and red-faced), will their clandestine romance lose its appeal or will their secret beginnings be the start of something lasting?

My review:
** spoiler alert ** Marie Force has done it again with "I Saw Her Standing There". We return to Green Mountain to check up on the Abbott family and explore Colton's "secret" relationship. We were introduced to Colton and intrigued by his solitary lifestyle on the mountain in our first two books. Who knew his interest would be sparked by a city girl from New York! I loved how Marie developed the relationship between Colton and Lucy. It took some clear dedication by both parties, but especially Colton, to work on the beginning of their relationship. I laughed out loud when Will and Cameron walked into the cabin and caught Colton and Lucy. What a great way for the family to find out, except of course we know that Lincoln and Elmer knew all along!

I really liked the character development of Colton and how we got to know him. I was impressed that he went to so much trouble to prove that he was willing to do what was necessary to be with Lucy. And introducing Colton to New York at a sex toys convention was masterful - I laughed out loud at his mortification, and then again when he decided to experiment with some of the goodies from the convention.

It did bother me that Lucy didn't seem to be willing to even consider leaving the city, and that her family was feeding into that. I was happy when her father realized what he was doing and spoke to her about considering her future.

I also liked to see the relationship between Colton and his siblings. The glimpses into life with Max are intriguing and I look forward to more of that storyline woven into future stories. In the end, Colton and Lucy found a way to work out their relationship between two places and I'm thrilled they realized they found something important enough to work for!

The only thing I wish was that we had a bit more in-depth flashbacks of the very beginning of Colton and Lucy's relationship. We got information about how the met and the beginning evenings of their relationship - I would have liked a bit more in-depth development of that first night, maybe a bit more of each of them remembering when they saw each other in the initial meeting, at dinner, etc.

Marie hit it out of the park with this installment of the Green Mountain series. I was captivated from start to end! And not to be left out, I really liked how Fred was worked into the story and I find myself looking forward to how he'll be brought into each story!
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