Wednesday, April 8, 2015

"Puppy Love" by Melissa Shaw


Melanie Keller is engaged to a millionaire and happy as can be, until she meets the man of her dreams. 

Liam, a local farmer with a wicked smile and muscles for days, helps her pick out the perfect Labrador puppy to take back to the penthouse she shares with her jealous fiancĂ©e, George. The only problem is, Sunshine, the puppy has a strange attachment to one of the horses on the farm and will do just about anything to get back to it. Even if it means running away from its new home. 

When Sunshine turns up on Liam’s farm, Melanie has no choice but to return, even though George has forbidden it. What follows is a tempest of emotion as Liam and Melanie fight their feelings for each other, and George fights to keep her in his grasp. 

Can Melanie overcome her lack of confidence and realize what she wants is also what she deserves? Or will she lose Sunshine, her hopes and dreams, and the man she loves forever? There’s only one way to find out…

Genre: Contemporary Romance Short

My Review:
I downloaded this book from the author's web site to give her books a gander, and it was a pleasant read.  I typically don't read short book / stories as I feel like the story and the characters cannot be sufficiently developed in a short format.  This book surprised me in that the characters developed quickly.  I hated George - but I'm sure that was the point, so the author developed him well.  From the minute he opened his mouth, I wanted to cuff him upside the head.  And at times, I wanted to smack some sense into Melanie for continuing to suffer with George - especially after she saw what else could be on the horizon for her.
Liam was a character that I felt, given more time, could have been developed further.  I felt he was thrust upon us, and Melanie, quickly and a bit more development of his character and personality other than through Melanie's perspective would have added to the story.
The horse and puppy love story was a sweet premise and I loved how the author set that up as George and Melanie initially left the farm.

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About the Author:
Melissa Shaw lives in the land of Prince Hamlet in a gorgeous suburb of Copenhagen, and uses the surrounds to craft romances which touch on the truth behind humanity. She likes strong female characters, flawed men, and strong bourbon. When she’s not hunched over her laptop, she’s wandering the streets searching for inspiration or sipping coffee at the local shop. Mostly she’s just writing. That’s what she does best.

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