Saturday, January 3, 2015

"More to Give" by Terri Osburn

Callie Henderson had to fight to put her tragic past behind her, but now the up-and-coming player in the hospitality industry is well on her way to happiness. She has her sights set on the lead renovation position at the Sunset Harbor Inn - an inn that just happens to be owned by Sam Edwards, the man who comforted her in her grief and gave her one night of passion before walking away.

Sam is searching for someone who can turn his quaint inn into a premier boutique hotel. He just never expected that someone to be the one woman who knows his deepest secrets. But he needs Callie, and Callie needs the job. Throw in a talking parrot with a cracker addiction, some uncooperative islanders, and enough sexual sparks to light a beach side bonfire, and they've got their work cut out for them.

"More to Give" is a story of heartbreak and healing, of facing the past and having the courage to believe in a future

My Review: 
What an interesting twist to a love story between two people who had been wronged in the past - they were each wronged by their spouse - AND the other's spouse. Six years ago, Callie and Sam's lives were both shattered when their respective spouses died in a car accident... together ... on the way to a romantic rendezvous. Sam and Callie haven't seen each other since they fell into bed together a week later and now its been six years. Sam is on Anchor Island to renovate two hotels inherited from his uncle (with the little known stipulation that he has to live there for two years). His resentment of that stipulation is clear in his dealings with the community. But, his hard shell starts to crack when Callie walks into his office to head the renovation. Throughout the renovation, you see that not only is the hotel being renovated, but so is Sam's heart. He begins to open his heart to Callie after they realize they cannot deny their attraction any longer. In a typical storyline where each agrees to a short fling, its clear early on their both of them start having deeper feelings for the other and take steps to extend their time together - unbeknownst. A simple miscommunication has the two breaking up with Sam leaving the island and Callie staying to make her home. Thankfully in the end, Sam realizes where he belongs - with Callie - and he finally tells her that he wants to be where she is.

This was a great romantic read. I loved catching up with previous characters (gotta love Sid) and the goings on on the island. And lets not forget Cecil. That bird was hilarious. The "Feather brain" comment Sam makes just before their show, and Cecil's whispering of the comment after refusing to perform had me laughing out loud. That bird was a GREAT comedic add to the story - "Don't forget the condom".

A great conclusion to the Anchor Island series of books. Each was great!!
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