Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Fair Game" by R. C. Matthews

Leah Anderson has one dating rule…absolutely no men in the medical field! She learned a long time ago from her biological father that men in the medical field care about one thing—themselves. Leah reluctantly agrees to spend one evening dirty dancing with her best friend’s brother, Jared, despite the fact that he is a medical student and real jerk to boot. Anything to help out her best friend!

Jared Billette has secretly crushed on Leah for years and acts like a real jerk to her to keep his attraction in check. Some things in life are simply taboo, and dating your sibling’s best friend is one of them. That is until his sister Jordan breaks all the rules by dating Jared’s best friend JT. Now pursuing Leah is suddenly fair game. If only he can help Leah see that her own stupid rules are meant to be broken.

My Review:

** spoiler alert ** Fair Game is a light read showing how someone is able to overcome years of "conditioning" about relationships to find the perfect one for her. I loved how Jared made his intentions perfectly clear to Leah and went after her compassionately but with purpose. I liked how this book started with Jared in love with Leah and on a mission to convince her. I definitely found it interesting how the author introduced "The Five Love Languages" through Grannie and that Jared used it as a way to bridge the gap between Leah and her father. While Leah's father thought he was showing her love, their lack of communication led to a relationship breakdown due to their differences in "languages". And Jared was quick to identify what Leah's "language" was and to let her know that he got her! I did think that Leah's transformation from "hating" him to being in love was a bit quick but other than that, a delightful read with a happy ending.
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