Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"A Family of Her Own" by Brenda Novak

When Katie Rogers returns to Dundee, Idaho, it's not because she wants to. It's because she's disillusioned, broke -- and pregnant. She was going to make something of her life in the big city. Instead, she's paying a high price for trusting the wrong man.

Booker Robinson is the man she didn't trust, the man she'd left behind in Dundee...and the first person she sees when she comes back. But despite Booker's notorious past, he now has a successful business and a home of his own.

He's also spent two years getting over Katie. She's the last person he wants to see. But when her parents refuse to take her in, she doesn't have anywhere else to go, and Booker soon finds himself with a roommate -- one who needs a father for her baby.... Katie's vowed she'll never trust the wrong man again. But sometimes a man isn't everything he seems. And sometimes he's more....

My Review:
Who doesn't love the bad boy? A Family of her Own is a great story that shows that first impressions typically aren't the right ones - both good AND bad. I love Brenda Novak's story of Katie's return to Dundee and the reestablishment of her relationship with Booker. Brenda did a fantastic job of showing how the people we love the most can hurt us the most, how parents who don't know how to have a relationship with their adult children can ultimately alienate those children instead of forming an adult relationship with them, and how those with the toughest exterior often have a heart of gold. I loved seeing Booker's maturity and true love of helping others in his relationship with Delbert, and ultimately with Katie.

My heart broke for Rebecca, swelled with love for Josh in his support of her, and cheered for Mike with his ultimate gift for Katie.

And lest we not forget, I wanted to smack Katie's father upside the head! :)

Another great story from Dundee, Idaho!

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