Monday, January 26, 2015

"Eyes of Jade" by Tess St. John

America’s Sweetheart, Eve Knight, has decided to retire from acting at the age of twenty-nine. After more than twenty years in the public eye, a heart-breaking divorce, and rehab, she plans to start a new life.

When FBI Agent Jake Dane arrives to question Eve about a suspicious fire, they instantly become targets of an assassin. Someone is trying to kill Eve. Jake swore off love after his engagement ended in tragedy, but as he and Eve fight to stay alive, she charms him and awakens his soul.

Realizing she’s falling for Jake, Eve worries she’s fabricated a connection because of their intense situation. The FBI convinces her to bait a trap, but will putting on the performance of her life be enough to save her?

Eyes of Jade is Book 2 in the Undercover Intrigue Series ~ FBI agents risking their lives for the job and everything for love

My Review:
I love Jake and Eve's story. I really thought it was interesting how the villain chooses the storylines of Eve's stories as methods to try and kill her. Eve and Jake were thrown into an intense situation and it was clear how his feelings were developing for her as they spent their time together. As each of them fought their feelings, they were fighting someone intent on killing Eve.

Jake's struggle with his demons of the past threw me for a loop - not that he was struggling, because that was clear from the beginning, but what it was ultimately revealed to be. What a wonderfully healthy and inspiring outcome from a truly awful situation!
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