Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Release Day Review: "The Color of Time" by Julianne MacLean


They say it’s impossible to change the past...

Since her magical summer romance at the age of sixteen, Sylvie Nichols has never been able to forget her first love. Years later, when she returns to the seaside town where she lost her heart to Ethan Foster, she is determined to lay the past to rest once and for all. But letting go becomes a challenge when Sylvie finds herself transported back to that long ago summer of love…and the turbulent events that followed. Soon, past and present begin to collide in strange and mystifying ways, and Sylvie can’t help but wonder if a true belief in miracles is powerful enough to change both her past and her future....

Genre: Contemporary Romance - Paranormal
My Review:

I never know what to say about a Julianne MacLean book, except to say YOU HAVE TO READ IT. I always find myself very introspective after reading one of her books and The Color of Time was no exception. We met Sylvie Nichols in the previous book The Color of Joy, so we got to know a little bit about her in advance of this book. Or did we? In The Color of Time, the author attempts to answer the age old question: "What if you just did one thing different, would life have the same outcome?" She demonstrates how that question can be answered through Sylvie's experiences. Several of them.

What's unique about Sylvie's experiences is that while she was actually dreaming, her alternative realities are real to her. They are real to us. They happen. As the story progresses, you find yourself wondering which reality is the REAL one. And you are as heartbroken as Sylvie each time when you find out something you experienced wasn't real - because it happened. It had to have happened.

Ms. MacLean's character development is strong, as always. Her characters are what draw you into her books and the emotions they experience are read to the reader. It's very easy to be drawn into a Color of Heaven book and experience it right along with the characters, emotions and all.

This is not your typical paranormal, where you would expect magical powers, fantasy characters and the like. Sylvie's experience of alternate realities is the only paranormal aspect to this story - the characters and storyline are rooted in reality and the everyday experiences in a wonderful north eastern town.

In the end, Sylvie's story ends up the way it was meant to be, but she and the reader take a wonderful, heartbreaking, mysterious path to get there. It's so difficult to discuss much about this book without divulging spoilers, so I'll just reiterate what I said at the beginning. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:
Julianne MacLean is a USA Today bestselling author who has sold more than 1.3 million books in North America, and her novels have also been translated into Spanish, German, Portugese, French, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, and others. She has written twenty historical romance novels, including the bestselling Highlander Trilogy with St. Martin's Press and her popular Pembroke Palace Series with Avon/Harper Collins.  She also writes contemporary mainstream fiction, and her 2011 release THE COLOR OF HEAVEN was a USA Today bestseller. She is a three-time RITA finalist and has won numerous awards, including the Booksellers' Best Award, the Book Buyers Best Award, and a Reviewers' Choice Award from Romantic Times for Best Regency Historical of 2005. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of King’s College in Halifax, and a degree in Business Administration from Acadia University.  She lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and daughter, and is a dedicated member of Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada.

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