Thursday, May 5, 2016

Release Day Review: "His to Claim" (Bears of Grizzly Ridge) by Elena Aitken


Gabriella Santos wants to start over someplace where no one knows her. Some place safe. A lodge in the middle of the remote Montana mountains seems perfect—despite the cold. Running from her life in South America, she expects ice and snow, but what she doesn’t expect is her immediate and intense attraction to Kade Jackson who is a sexy as he is ornery.

The last thing Kade wants in his life is a woman. Particularly one who clouds his instincts and challenges everything he’s come to believe about love and mates. But Ella is no ordinary woman, and she just might be worth opening up to. But before he can let himself commit, Kade must come to terms with his past, and the secrets that altered everyone’s lives forever.

Gabriella has secrets of her own and when they catch up with her, Kade must make a decision: Stay rooted in the past and lose her forever or finally allow himself to trust his instincts to save the woman he loves. If it’s not too late.

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Shifters)
My Review:

Wow. His to Claim is a great addition to the Bears of Grizzly Ridge series. I keep saying it with each of these books, but I just didn't realize how great a shifter book could be. Kade has been puzzling readers with his gruff exterior and rejection of his true self since the beginning of the series. Enter Gabriella, the one woman who could break through Kade's gruff exterior. I love how strong she is - knowing from the start that she is meant to be with Kade. He fights his draw to her just as he's been fighting his inner true self since we met him. His inner struggles revolve around his relationship with his twin and her choices in life - he didn't believe in fated mates as she did. Again, enter Gabriella, who turns Kade's life on its ear and makes him believe in things he didn't think possible.

This book is a quick read but a complete story. We get glimpses into the background of what drove the Jackson's to Grizzly Ridge and what made Kade the way he is. I've loved all of the heroes of Grizzly Ridge but Kade has a special place in my heart.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:
Living in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains in the foothills of Alberta, Elena spends her days chauffeuring her twins and writing stories – basically, living what she loves! Elena escapes to the mountains as often as possible and can often be found sitting by the water, plotting her next book.


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