Friday, February 20, 2015

"Wyne and Chocolate" by Donna Michaels

Jill is a chocoholic with a big heart, a flair for baking and confection, and a knack for getting into predicaments, including the one where she was almost financially ruined by her ex. Now she’s in a new town, with a new business, and is determined to stay away from trouble. Especially, the gorgeous guardsman with the haunted gaze, brooding expression and miserable attitude. Her days of helping people were over. She was tired of being taken advantage of and was looking forward to getting back on her feet. Too bad her new business venture puts her in daily contact with the sexy man. 

My review:
The Citizen Soldier series has a fantastic new addition with Wyne and Chocolate.  The book had a great start.  I found myself laughing out loud right away - and that set the tone for a light-hearted, funny, and romantic read. I really enjoyed how the author described Jill, especially from Mason's point of view.  He comes across as a thoughtful man, and I was actually able to picture Jill in my mind from the description Mason gives us!
As we begin to get to know Jill, the author describes the struggles Jill has faced and how that makes her wary of getting involved with men.  At the beginning of the book, Jill is struggling on the road, literally having an accident due to potholes in the road during a storm.  As she begins to develop feelings for Mason, the author draws parallels between potholes in the road, and potholes in Jill's life, indicating that, "He [Mason] was the biggest one.  If she fell in, Jill knew instinctively she wouldn't get out".  I LOVED that analogy and it really summarized how Jill was feeling as she began to fall in love with Mason. Jill may have been burned in her previous relationship, but she still has an air of innocence that is sweet to see.
I've read a LOT of romance books, and Wyne and Chocolate has one of the best first kisses that I have read.  Mason drops Jill at home and with confidence, chooses to kiss her. The way the author wrote the kiss made my heart go a-flutter!
Mason and Jill have a fun relationship.  She is like a lovable klutz and he is confident but not cocky. They begin to get to know each other through fun and laughs, so there isn't a lot of pressure on them.  While their feelings are growing, the feelings don't feel overly intense and they are allowed to develop at their own rate.  Mason may be quick to assume, due to his past relationships, but he is also quick to discuss and admit his feelings and biases, and it makes for an open and honest relationship.  Jill needs that because in her experience, everyone leaves her and she spends most of the book waiting for that to happen.  In the end, it was Mason's show of faith in Jill that helped them overcome their worst challenge and head towards their happily every after.  
Disclosure: I received an free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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