Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review: "Pitching for Love" (The Remingtons Kindle World) by Amy Manemann

Tough as nails publicist, Mia Scott, has built her career by dodging the advances from her elite clientele. Her number one rule; never mix business with pleasure. Until a split second decision leads her to a night of unbridled passion -- and the morning after blues when she discovers the man she spent an amazing night with is her newest client.

Professional baseball pitcher, Evan Ahrens, knows he messed up, and messed up royally. One mistake on the field puts him on thin ice with the league and lands him a new PR rep to fix his soiled image. He goes to NightCaps to toss back a few drinks and blow off some steam -- and meets his match in a feisty dark haired woman who takes him to heights he's never been. There's only one problem -- she's his new publicist, and she's made it clear there will be no repeat performances.

A battle of wills gives way to uncontrollable passion as Mia fights her growing feelings to keep things professional, while Evan decides for once in his life he wants something more. The game just went from saving his career, to pitching for love. 

Genre: Contemporary Romance

My Review:

Pitching for Love has two great characters - a strong female heroine and an extremely alpha male. Add in a little bit of baseball - my favorite sport - and you have a hit. Ms. Manemann brings her characters to life on the pages of Pitching for Love. I love how the hero and heroine have a hot hookup at the beginning of the book, neither knowing who the other is, and both only wanting a one-night stand. I love how the reader knew what neither of them did and we could watch their collision course happen in front of their eyes. Little did either know how intertwined their lives would become, and they spend the rest of the book trying to navigate a "strictly professional" relationship when both of them would rather explore their inevitable feelings for each other. I love how the author shows the "other side" of professional sports with the hero's philanthropy. A great addition to The Remingtons Kindle Worlds!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.



About the Author:
Amy Manemann is an International Best Selling Author. She writes sexy and intriguing romantic suspense, contemporary romance (NEW), young adult paranormal romance, and dabbles in children's books. She resides in her hometown along the Mississippi river with her husband and their two children. When she isn't plotting her next book, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and diving into a good book.

Amy is also a site administrator for the World Literary Café, an online literary community for authors and readers.


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