Saturday, January 1, 2000

"Blind Faith: Team Red, Book 3" by T. Hammond

Picking up where Color Blind (book two) left off, Teresa is reeling as her life comes crashing down around her. Betrayal of the worst kind has left her struggling to put on a brave front, setting aside shocked confusion, for the sake of those she cares about. Her telepathic sight dog, Red, and Bastian, help to anchor her against turbulent emotions.

Teresa’s colorful and varied friends arrive to celebrate Christmas as the “family” they have become. Some know her heart is broken, while others are oblivious to its tattered state. Thoughtful gifts are in abundance, including several wonderful surprises. Even Red gets into the festivities with surprising insight (and a bit of doggy logic).

Bastian has remained steadfast in his love and loyalty to Teresa, even when she chose David over him. But David has been living a lie, throwing all Teresa thought she knew into question. Can Bas prove to Teresa that he is worthy?

This version of the Team Red series is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains graphic sexual content, and swearing, which is unfortunate as the dog repeats everything.

My review:
Blind Faith might as well have been just part of the previous book as the story picked up right where the previous book left off.  In Blind Faith, we continue to see exactly how strong Teresa has become as she faces new emotional struggles.  This book might have been the most emotional of the ones in the series so far, with a lot of highs and lows.  The "family" around Teresa, Red, Bastian, and David continue to contribute to the stories, but in Blind Faith the focus is on the relationship between Bastian and Teresa. Through words and actions, Bastian continues to show Teresa exactly how deep his feelings run for her as he supports her through her heartbreak.  I really love that Bastian has a self-awareness of his own potential relationship shortfalls and spends time to ensure Teresa understands that his actions in those cases will be more of a reflection of him and who he is, and not a reflection of his feelings for her, which we really come to understand exactly how deep they run.  I ended Blind Faith clearly in the "Team Bastian" camp and really enjoyed how the author worked to develop this relationship differently from Teresa's relationship with Bastian.
Blind Faith has a lot of "laugh out loud" parts as well.  I really enjoyed the conversation between Janey and Teresa, about Janey's concerns over Teresa and Bastian's relationship.  Janey tried to find a tactful way to ask if Teresa, David, and Bastian were part of a threesome!  I could really feel Janey's discomfort throughout that conversation - and then to realize that Bastian was hearing the entire thing.  I LOVED that Bastian's reaction was so succinct.  He walks in and says, "Seems we have a few more matters to clear up.  Now's a good time for me".  He then grabs Teresa and takes her upstairs.  I LOVE that he wasn't offended or upset - that it took it to mean literally that there were parts of their developing relationship that still needed talking through.  I think I fell in love with Bastian right then! But don't get me wrong, Bastian has a devilish side and we see his sense of humor often reflected in his witty comebacks and responses in conversations with Teresa.  Bastian is no longer a boor and I really love him!
And then we met Tank.  Everyone in the family has gotten Red presents for Christmas - he's a vital member of the family.  His most important present, however, was Tank. Tank is a blood brother from a different litter.  Tank is not another dog for Teresa - Tank is Red's dog and it's up to Red to raise and teach and manage Tank.  You really get to see so much more of Red's personality as he begins his raising of Tank and how the other members of the family have to help him understand the important aspects of having a new puppy in the house!  Red has some really great ideas about how to incorporate Tank into their family and their home.  He continues to be my favorite character in these books! 
 One slight annoyance - it is really bugging me that Teresa looks different on each of the covers.  I know how cover art works and sometimes the author has no control over it, but its clear that these books are about the same characters in the same series, yet Teresa looks different.  Similar but clearly not the same.  Just bugs me - so there, I've said it!
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