Saturday, January 1, 2000

"Blind Seduction: Team Red, Book 1" by T. Hammond

Can a blind woman who shares a very special bond with her dog, gain her independence and choose between the love of TWO sailors? 

In Blind Seduction an accident leaves Teresa March scarred and completely blind. Encouraged by the support of her friends, Teresa sets about adapting to life in the dark, reclaiming her independence.

Best friends make the toughest adversaries. Sebastian Declan and David Preston retire after twenty years of service to their country. Teresa’s scars discourage neither man in their newest mission: winning her heart. Bastian’s battle is uphill, overcoming Teresa’s negative teenage impression. David is a virtual stranger who fell in love with Teresa through Bas’ pictures and childhood stories. These sexy sailors will stop at nothing, including deploying military tactics, to secure Teresa for themselves.

Smart, opinionated, and handsome commonly describe German Shepherds. Teresa’s service dog, Red, is all this, and then some. Red and Teresa are surprised to discover they share a bond which allows Red to speak into Teresa’s mind. Red’s adept tracking skills, and ability to deduce information, open new opportunities for the pair. More importantly, his quirky humor brightens Teresa’s dark world.

Welcome to Team Red!
You will laugh out loud (the author apologizes in advance for the strange looks you will get when you start to giggle uncontrollably), in this Humorous, Spicy, Paranormal Romance.

WARNING: This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains swearing, which is unfortunate, as the dog repeats everything. When you have two hot, single-minded, sailors pursuing the same woman, graphic language and sexual situations are inevitable.

My review:
Blind Seduction is the first book in a 6 books series about Teresa and her dog Red.  I typically don't like to read books in a series that include cliffhangers - I prefer the story to be completed in one volume and if related volumes are written, that's great.  Blind Seduction is part of a larger series and there are more books that continue this series, but the author does provide a decent sense of closure at the end of the first book...she provides a teaser to get you interested in the second book, but you won't feel that its incomplete when the finish the first book.  While I was definitely interested in what the next book had to offer to the story line, I felt a nice sense of closure at the end of this book.
This book and the books that follows have a core group of characters with supporting characters coming in and out of the story.  Red, however, is the hero in all of these books!  Red is a German Shepherd, born on the day of Teresa's accident that blinded her, that has amazing abilities to connect with Teresa.  These abilities are revealed over time to Teresa as she and Red form and deepen their relationship.  Red has a wicked sense of humor, picks up sarcasm and jokes better than most humans,  and has zero filter - he's known for repeating anything he hears and often at the most inopportune time.  Although only Teresa can hear this thoughts, the entire family forms a bond with Red.  Red is extremely intelligent and his deductive reasoning is highly advanced - I was constantly amazed with what he was able to discern, analyze, and conclude with his observation - and he's a dog!
Teresa is a strong, confident woman who demonstrates over and over that she can persevere through many challenges.  She has deep emotions and loves with her whole heart, which is what opens her up to being hurt so easily. She is also fiercely loyal and compassionate and a great heroine for these books. The author did a wonderful job of creating a heroine that we as readers can relate to, connect with, and cheer for!
We are also introduced to Bastian and David in Blind Seduction.  Bastian and David are both "alpha males" and both have set their sites on Teresa - The Seige of Teresa March has begun.  I found myself laughing out loud several times as Bastian and David found ways to scuttle each other's dates with Teresa, using all resources (including some technological ones) to shanghai the other's chances!  In the end, Teresa went with her heart and moved forward to deepen the relationship that she believes will lead to a long term commitment and love in her life.  
Throughout this book, we see snippets of risk and suspense as Teresa and Red, and David and Bastian navigate the challenges of the new abilities they have discovered in Red; David and Bastian's work; and the exposure of Red and Teresa's abilities to the local police department.  These suspenseful and dangerous situation set the stage for incredibly suspenseful stories in future books. 
The intimacy scenes are well written - they are somewhat explicit, as warned in the description, but they don't overwhelm the book with continued sexual content.  It's introduced as appropriate to the story line and while it supports the story line, it's not the focus of the story line - the relationship between Red and the family / team, and the relationships forming between Teresa and the men in her life and the situations that bring them closer together are the primary focus of the book and the balance creates a well written book that was an easy read, front to back.  I look forward to the next book in the Team Red series! 
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