Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Release Day Review: "This Love of Mine" by Miranda Liasson

Bridal shop owner Meg Halloran spends her days making other women’s wedding dreams come true—and her nights dreaming of her childhood crush, hometown heartthrob Dr. Benjamin Rushford. After a lifetime of wearing her heart on her sleeve, she’s done waiting. Meg’s ready to find love, with or without him. Moving on feels right—until Ben pops an unexpected question.

To win the open ER position in Mirror Lake, Ben has to convince the board that he’s settled and ready to put down roots. His latest stroke of genius? Asking Meg, the local good girl, to be his pretend girlfriend. With her by his side, he’s a shoo-in for the job. But he’s in over his head because, as much as he tries to deny it, Meg tempts him. And if she learns the truth about a secret that has shadowed and shaped his life, will she ever be able to forgive him?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
My Review:

I think the sign of a good book is when you feel like you're missing something when you've put it down to do something else. I was mid-way through this book, working on some other things, and I just felt like the characters were doing something and I was missing it because I wasn't reading. This is the second book in the Mirror Lake series and in it, we see Meg and Ben's struggle to find love with each other. Both had been affected by the death of Meg's brother Patrick's death, Ben being his best friend. His death has created an almost insurmountable barrier to overcome. Only through a series of misunderstandings, and last minute decisions, did Meg and Ben even find themselves spending any time together. And even as they did, they constantly struggled with their feelings for each other intermingled with their feelings of grief and guilt associated with Patrick's death.

I love Ben. I've read so many stories recently with heroes that I just really like and this was no exception. Even when he was being incredibly thick headed and inconsiderate towards Meg, I could feel his confusion and misunderstanding, and his struggles with trying to get everything he wants and eventually risking it all, with a possibility of getting nothing he wants. But he makes the grand gesture that Meg really needs.

Meg is a fun character. I could feel how frazzled she was when she was working with some of her more high-maintenance brides, and I was thrilled when she finally told off the snooty bride who threatened to ruin her business because she couldn't accommodate a new dress with 7 days notice. Meg experiences the entire gamut of emotions in this story - happiness with Ben, heartbreak with Ben, frustration with her customers and her mother, frustrations with her sister, empathy for Ben's sister who struggles with her own boyfriend issues. I can really see Meg as someone people could always look to to see below what a person is saying to what they really mean, and what they really need. She is a great character, and together with Ben, they just work.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:
I won the Golden Heart in 2013 for a story that has become This Thing Called Love, which debuts from Montlake Romance this spring. It's about life and love and the hard choices we all sometimes have to make. It's heartwarming but lighthearted, too.

I also write lighthearted contemporary romance for Entangled Indulgence that will debut in 2015.

I write romance because I love stories about the experience of being human, and love is the universal experience we all share. I also love stories that have happy endings and make me laugh. I hope my stories make you laugh a little, too.

I live in Northeast Ohio with my three children and my office mates, Maggie, a yellow lab and Posey, a rescue cat with more attitude than my kids!
Website: http://www.mirandaliasson.com/

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