Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: "Kissing Mr. Right" by Michelle Major


Kendall Clark has always dreamed of anchoring the national news. The dedicated Denver journalist has worked hard to earn more than her fluff-piece reporting job. When she’s asked to star in an on-air dating show to increase her station’s ratings, she initially refuses…until she learns that participating will give her a shot at a national news-desk position in New York.

But nothing prepares Kendall for the dating show’s popularity—or for the laughable dates she’s forced to endure on camera. To complicate matters further, she’s falling hard for Tyler Bishop, the handsome scientist hired to consult on her first big news story. Ty soon finds himself equally smitten with Kendall and sets out to prove he’s her Mr. Right. But is there room in his quiet life for a woman with such a public image? And when Kendall’s integrity is questioned, will she choose her dream job or her dream man?

My Review: 
I got Kissing Mr. Right through the Kindle First program and I really enjoyed it. I loved both the hero and heroine. I love how they first met and the immediate conclusions Kendall jumps to, and then I love the way that Ty proves her wrong. Kendall's perspective on life is a bit skewed and a whole lot jaded - her experiences as a young child have created an unreal view on the world, and society, and "class and society". Ty is the one to help her recalibrate her views on the world and people in general. The irony in the story is that Ty is running from the kind of society lifestyle that Kendall believes she wants and is singularly focused on achieving.

I thought the story was well written and compelling. I really felt connected to the characters and their stories and felt I experience the stories right along with the characters. Michelle Major is definitely an author I will read again.


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About the Author:
I was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved books. Growing up, I wrote stories and plays and graduated with a degree in Journalism from Ohio University.

By then I’d also fallen in love with the mountains. After college I pointed my ancient Honda west until I came to Colorado. I worked on a dude ranch and then spent a month camping through the southwestern part of the state. Technically, I might have been homeless but that hardly seemed to matter while sleeping under the stars.

I settled down to a career in Human Resources and traveled across the country for my job. With my fear of flying, I needed something to distract me on all those planes. I picked up a Julia Quinn novel in an airport bookstore and was hooked. It dawned on me that the stories milling around in my head were actually romance plots. My passion for novel writing was born.

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m now married, a part-time writer and a full-time Professional Wiper (noses, bottoms, tears, scraped knees, pet accidents – you name it, I’ve cleaned it up).

My family fills my heart and now writing feeds my soul.


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