Sunday, January 3, 2016

Review:"When I Fall in Love" (Grayson Brothers) by Wendy Lindstrom


A Mail Order Bride He Doesn’t Want — A Woman He Can’t Resist

Hal Grayson has just buried his brother. He doesn’t need any more surprises — especially a mail order bride that he didn’t order. But the beautiful and strong-willed Miss Mitchell has other ideas, and the woman turns his life upside down. Will he send her back, or will the captivating and spirited woman reawaken his grieving heart?

Genre: Historical Romance (Sensual edition)

My Review:

I love when a series I love gives me a prequel to show me how it all began, and that's what we have with When I Fall in Love. Now is your chance to get to see how Hal and Nancy's story began.

Hal is a strong, emotional, prideful man. He feels things deeply, whether it be obligation to family, or emotions for those that he loves. He's got an endearing wit about him that you have already seen in his sons in the Grayson brothers series. He's quick to anger and quick to forgive, he's prideful, but caring.

Nancy is a strong, stubborn woman. Readers of the Grayson brothers series know that in the way she supported each of her sons as they navigated their own love stories. But seeing her young self starting out in the world is an interesting look into how a young girl turns into the strong matriarch of the Grayson family. It's fun to watch her journey from young, frightened girl into strong wife to Hal Grayson.

This story takes the reader back more than twenty years before the first Grayson brother book and almost fifty years back from the most recent Grayson book and it's interesting to see snippets of Fredonia earlier in history. The town in many cases serves as a character in and of itself and as a reader you can really feel yourself walking the streets of Fredonia beside Hal and Nancy as they begin their life together.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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About the Author:

I was born and raised in upstate New York. My seven siblings and I were as wild and untended as the land around us, nurtured by the rich, black earth and warm sunshine. We swam in a shallow creek and made forts in the corn field where I would lie beneath the enormous blue sky and imagine epic adventures.

Alone I would haunt the forest, sharing my stories with the trees. I would press my face against their bark to feel their energy; a deeply furrowed oak, a scaly pine, a smooth beech, all welcoming my skinny arms and childish cheek. Thirty feet in the air, I would perch on their limbs, feeling safe beneath their leafy canopy. There I would become the heroine of the stories I imagined. There I began my life as a writer.

My first attempt at storytelling was in English comp class at SUNY University at Fredonia. My professor, Melinda Wendell, told me I had a voice for storytelling and that she hoped to see my work in a bookstore one day. (Thank you, Professor Wendell!) I never finished that particular story, but in the messy, handwritten pages of my journal an idea began to form. While researching, I came across a Civil War memoir by George K. Collins and I knew I’d found the premise for my first book Shades of Honor.

My award-winning Grayson Brothers series set in 19th Century Fredonia echoes the sounds and smells of my childhood. Like me, my characters are driven to understand what it means to be alive to each experience and fully embrace the unknown.

While writing books three and four of my Grayson Brothers series I spiraled into chronic fatigue syndrome. Although I dabbled with a few projects during that time, I didn’t have the energy or focus to write a book. Like all adventures, there comes a moment when a person must embrace the unknown and leap! I took up tai chi to get myself moving again. I started kickboxing a few months later and eventually began taking karate. I’m happy to say that I have since earned an Green Belt in A.K.T. Combatives and have returned to vibrant health. Most importantly, I published SLEIGH OF HOPE and LEAVE IT FOR THE RAIN, books 5 and 6 in the Grayson Brothers series. More books in the Grayson Brothers series, and also in my new Crane Landing series, are in the works.


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